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Service 1: Protective Hull for Vehicles (PHV)


The Protective Hull for Vehicles was designed and developed for the sole reason of saving lives. The PHV was tested by a division of the United States Army known as (TARDEC/TACOM).


This testing was performed by using one the most powerful computers in the world and with the most advanced software available. The testing simulates real world limits and forces to simulate a high capacity explosion. Because of the sensitivity of the testing, the US Army has classified the test results as “secret” and are not available to the public. However, the PHV product is available for purchase. High Impact Solutions LLC can develop the PHV for any vehicle.

Service 3: Low Profile Hinge


The Low Profile Hinge (LPH) stands only 1 inch from the mounting surface. The round smooth edges give this hinge a clean look. This hinge has a finite element analysis (FEA) testing at 36 tons. This hinge type is very hard to detect because of its low profile.


These are just a few of the hinge styles that are available.

Service 2: Ballistic Resistant
                High Capacity Hinge

The Ballistic Resistant Hinge style has been tested at 24 tons. This type hinge is designed to withstand multiple hits from rounds and continue to open and close. The hinge design cannot be bound or pulled apart. It is designed to withstand high impact explosions.


At High Impact Solutions LLC we offer our services for the saving of lives. The commodities listed below are just the beginnings of the different types of product High Impact Solutions will offer. You can go to the contact tab to request pricing and details. Thanks for taking the time to visit our web page.   

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